1. Financial Management: We bring wealth of experience in engineering industries handling budgeting, financial planning, and cost analysis for projects.
  2. Compliance: We ensure adherence to financial regulations and provide insights for efficient resource allocation.
  1. Cost Accounting: We play a key role in cost accounting, optimizing production costs, and improving operational efficiency.

  2. Financial Reporting: We manage financial reporting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Indian accounting standards(IndAS).
  1. Budgeting and Forecasting: We contribute to budgeting and forecasting for automotive projects, optimizing financial resources.

  2. Risk Management: We assess financial risks and provide insights for strategic decision-making in the automotive sector.

  1. Project Financing: We are involved in securing project financing, managing budgets, and ensuring financial viability of infrastructure projects.

  2. Financial Planning: We contribute to long-term financial planning for sustainable infrastructure development
  1. Financial Analysis: We analyze financial data, contributing to pricing strategies, inventory management, and overall financial health of food,fashion and apparel businesses.

  2. Budgeting: We play a role in budgeting for marketing campaigns, production, and expansion.

  1. Investment Analysis: We assess financial viability and conduct investment analysis for electric vehicle projects.

  2. Cost Management: We optimize costs related to production, research, and development in the electric vehicle industry.
  1. Cost Optimization: We contribute to cost optimization in FMCG manufacturing, ensuring efficient production processes.
  2. Financial Planning: We play a role in financial planning for marketing campaigns, distribution, and product launches.

  1. Financial Strategy: We contribute to financial strategy, budgeting, and forecasting for e-commerce platforms.
  2. Compliance: We ensure compliance with financial regulations, especially in cross-border transactions.

  1. Financial Management: We manage the financial aspects of ed-tech platforms, including budgeting for content creation, technology investments, and marketing.

  2. Revenue Optimization: We contribute to revenue optimization through pricing strategies and financial planning for expansion.

Ashrey Consulting brings their financial expertise, strategic planning skills, and compliance knowledge to these industries, contributing to their financial sustainability and growth.